Buy THC Bomb Feminized Seed Online


The result was a very stable feminized cross. As the name suggests the plant produces huge buds with high levels of THC. Crossing with Ice kept THC levels ridiculously high while harvests remain near the levels of the original.



Buy THC Bomb Feminized Seed Online

THC Bomb Feminized Seed specifications

THC CONTENT: 19%-22%





YIELD: 500-600 g/m2

This is still an ideal commercial growers plant. Like Big Bud, the harvest will be rewarding. The plant remains fairly short and is extremely strong and vigorous. It also finishes very fast with higher levels of THC than Big Bud or PPP. THC Bomb is a real winner! THC Bomb can be of medical use.

Buy THC Bomb Feminized Seed Online


One of the best producing strains that consistently delivers an outstanding smoke. The smell of the plant is very pungent, a real mix of skunk and a sour earthy scent. After a good cure, any remaining grassy smells have been replaced with a more fruits berry aroma. The stone is exquisite. Starting with a real face flushing head rush it is quite cerebral. This rapidly changes into a much heavier body stone with some couch lock tendencies These multiply if you keep smoking this strain to the point where if you have a lot you will be glued to the couch. THC Bomb Feminized Seed for sale

THC Bomb; our original signature strain, has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels make it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike.

Like Big Bomb, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder.

Outdoors THC Bomb can produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant will literally be covered in frosty white trichomes

This variety yields a generous 500-600 g/m2 indoors at optimum levels. Expect over 600g/m2 if you’re growing outside in a suitable, warm climate. The best part about this type of marijuana is its extremely easy to grow due to its strong and robust indica genetics. Beginners can yield a good amount off this strain even on their first time grow!

THC bomb is an ideal plant for commercial growers. Like Big Bud the harvest will be rewarding, but with flavor that’s even more delicious. The taste is of classic skunk and earthy notes with sour and fruity undertones, creating a truly spectacular smoke.

The plant remains very short but is extremely strong and vigorous. Some defoliation later in the flowering period would be ideal, to allow light to penetrate deeper into the plant and enhance bud growth.

This variety also finishes very fast with higher levels of THC, making it a top contender with the old school and legendary strains, such as Big Bud and Pure Power Plant. Flowering time is typically between 8-10 weeks, but if you want the most out of this plant leave it the full 10 weeks. This strain is a real winner and can help ease any chronic ailments and conditions.

The effects of THC bomb start fast and hard hitting, with instant uplifting and cerebral effects. The stone will slowly start to kick in, filling your entire body with a calming and soothing buzz. It’s a great indica hybrid because you can manage the indica effects. If you want a stronger stone just keep on smoking! THC Bomb can pull you into a couch lock when used repeatedly. Therefore, it can be used for day or night use, it all just depends on your needs.

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